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Peter Skelton



Pete Skelton is a London based Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation Project Manager with Handicap International. He has worked as part of emergency responses in Nepal, Gaza, Iraq, the Philippines, Libya, Jordan and Haiti. Prior to this, he spent 10 years combining physiotherapy with his first degree in medical anthropology, balancing work in the National Health Service in London with development projects in Africa and Asia. Pete’s current role involves integrating rehabilitation professionals into the UK International Emergency Trauma Register, and creating within the register the first ever dedicated Spinal Cord Injury disaster response team.

The multi-disciplinary trauma register draws staff from the health service in the UK and aims to rapidly deploy them in response to sudden onset disasters, with the support of a field hospital. Pete is co-author of 2 forthcoming publications – WHO Minimum Standards for Rehabilitation in Emergency Medical Teams, and a WCPT briefing paper on the Role of Physical Therapists in Disaster Management.

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