Prof Birgitta Langhammer


Prof Birgitta Langhammer



Dr Birgitta Langhammer is Professor at Oslo University College, Faculty of Health, and at Sunnaas Rehabilitation hospital, Research department. Dr Langhammer teaches at undergraduate and graduate level in geriatrics, neurology, rehabilitation and methodology. Her current research involves:
  • Sunnaas Internationa Network: 2012 – ongoing. Research project SINs Stroke study, specialized rehabilitation a collaboration between 9 institutions in 7 countries Norway, China, USA, Russia, Israel, Palestine and Sweden.
  • Oslo and Akershus University College / Norwegian University of Science and Technology: 2012-on-going. Research Project:
  • Life Early After Stroke (LEAST) early mobilization after stroke, an observational study of acute stroke care in 10 hospitals.
  • Life After Stroke (LAST) a randomized controlled trial on longitudinal intervention after stroke to maintain capacity and function, following persons with stroke from three months till 18 months post stroke. Sub-acute and chronic follow-up of 300 patients in Trondheim, Asker and Baerum communities.
Ongoing Phd projects / guidance
  • Oslo and Akershus University College / University of Parana, Brasil: PhD project 2013 – ongoing, Physical activity after stroke; capacity, activity and life satisfaction (PASCAL). Physical activity
  • patterns are observed and described and compared to capacity levels as measured with submax VO2, strength and other body functions. 2013 –
  • Traumatic brain injury and vestibular rehabilitation for vertigo and balance problems. Oslo University hospital and Oslo and Akershus University College. A randomized controlled trial. 2012-
  • Life satisfaction after stroke. China Rehabilitation Research Center and Oslo and Akersh us University College. 2015-
  • Sub study LEAST activity levels and HRQoL. NTNU

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  • Flemming218-Mar-2016

Exercise and training after stroke: maintaining capacity and ability