Prof Jonathan Marsden


Prof Jonathan Marsden



Plymouth University Professorship and Chair in Rehabilitation School of Health Professions (Faculty of Health & Human Sciences) Professor Marsden’s role at Plymouth University is to lead and develop research capacity in the field of rehabilitation. His research interests and experience are in the field of neurorehabilitation and human motor physiology. Prof. Marsden is currently investigating the pathophysiology and rehabilitation of balance and gait disorders after central and peripheral neurological lesions in adult and paediatric populations. The primary aim of this current research is to identify the cause of balance and gait impairments after neurological dysfunction and to evaluate the efficacy of therapeutic interventions that aim to ameliorate these impairments. He currently supervises 6 postgradute student 2 PhD students as 1st supervsior, 3 PhD students as second and an 1 Mphil student as 1st supervisor Research degrees awarded to supervised students 2015 MPhil E Compton Factors affecting stiff knee gait in Cerebral Palsy 2015 PhD Thesis L Sawle The Development and Evaluation of a Dynamic Elastomeric Fabric Orthosis to support the management of Athletic Pelvic/ Groin Injury 2015 PhD H Gunn Accidental falls in Multiple Sclerosis 2012 PhD Thesis J Ofori Effect of short term stretchinng on ankle stiffness
and rnge in people with Multiple Sclerosis 2011 PhD Thesis A Wallace Recovering hand function after stroke: Mechanisms and Treatment 2010 PhD Thesis L Bunn Sensory mechanisms of balance control in cerebellar disease 2008 PhD Thesis G Ramdharry Compensatory strategies while walking in Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease: impact and intervention.

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  • Westminster218-Mar-2016

Hereditary spastic paraparesis: pathophysiology and rehabilitation