Prof Robert van Deursen


Prof Robert van Deursen



Prof van Deursen was born in the Netherlands where he obtained a BSc in Physiotherapy (1981); between 1982-1992 he worked in various rehabilitation settings; he obtained an MSc (cum laude) in Movement Science (1994) at the Free University, Amsterdam; and a PhD in Biomechanics and Locomotion Studies (1997) at The Pennsylvania State University.

He joined the School of Healthcare Studies, Cardiff (1998); established the Research Centre for Clinical Kinaesiology (1999); became Director of Physiotherapy (2004); and is now Professor of Rehabilitation Science (2013).

His expertise is in the area of movement analysis and biomechanics applied to clinical problems in rehabilitation. His research interests include the rehabilitation of joint instability in relation to the development of osteoarthritis; the prevention and rehabilitation of lower limb complications due to diabetic neuropathy; and mobility problems in neurological conditions. Defining functional recovery and determining the effect of exercise on patients in the presence of movement disorders is a common thread in this research. He has recently established a new Gait Real-time Analysis Interactive Lab (GRAIL); a system to provide real-time movement feedback to patients whilst they are moving.

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