Prof Valerie Pomeroy


Prof Valerie Pomeroy



Following qualification as a physiotherapist at the Cambridge School of Physiotherapy and after holding a variety of clinical posts, Professor Pomeroy obtained a PhD from the School of Medicine, University of Southampton. Between 1996 and 2002 she was Senior Lecturer in Stroke Therapy Research at the University of Manchester and was also Director of The Stroke Association’s Therapy Research Unit. She subsequently took up the post of Professor of Rehabilitation for Older People at St George’s London until 2007 when she was appointed to her current post as Professor of Neurorehabilitation at UEA. Prof Pomeroy is also co-Chair of the Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Alliance (ABIRA).

Prof Pomeroy’s research programme is focused on enhancing recovery of movement control and functional activity after stroke through: identifying underlying mechanisms of impairment and disability, identifying underlying mechanisms of “natural” and therapy-enhanced recovery, using resultant knowledge to inform the content of rehabilitation interventions and then evaluating these interventions in randomised clinical trials. This programme of work is enabled by undertaking biomechanical and neurophysiological studies in the UEA’s movement analysis laboratory and also through established bioengineering and neuroscience collaborations with researchers in other universities.

Prof Pomeroy is currently leading the development of a UK-wide (UKSRN) translational rehabilitation research programme (neuroscientists and clinical scientists) in the FAST INdICATE Trial and is Co-Chair of the Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Alliance (ABIRA) which combines the UEA with Cambridge University (e.g. Brain recovery Centre, Clinical neurosciences and the MRC Brain and Cognition Centre).

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