Prof Sheila Lennon


Prof Sheila Lennon



Professor Sheila Lennon qualified as a physiotherapist at McGill University in Canada in 1979. She has worked in neurorehabilitation in Canada, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Sheila is the inaugural Professor of Physiotherapy and coordinator of the graduate entry Master of Physiotherapy programme at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia.  She is the author/editor of over 45 peer-reviewed publications including a Pocketbook of Neurological Physiotherapy with Professor Maria Stokes.

Sheila’s main research interest is the evaluation of physiotherapy practice in the area of exercise therapy and physical activity for health and well-being for people with neurological disability in particular in relation to stroke and multiple sclerosis.  Sheila uses mixed methods designs to study the effectiveness of specific exercise or activity based interventions with an emphasis on self-efficacy and self-management. Sheila was awarded Fellowship of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in 2010 in recognition of her research in neurorehabilitation.

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  • Flemming17-Mar-2016

Group circuit training for balance, mobility and falls prevention in Multiple Sclerosis: implications for practice